Tighter budgets have business managers and owners seeking roofing systems that require fewer repairs and is expected to last longer, thus extending the period between replacements. Indeed, this is just one reason you may want to consider a metal roof. Read further to learn more about metal roofs and why they might serve your roofing needs.

Your basic galvanized sheet metal is proven to last more than 40 years on existing buildings. The current protection techniques used in newly produced sheet metal panels mean they will last even longer. Not only do these products last a long time, they have low maintenance costs. This is not only good business sense, it makes good environmental sense. Sheet metal roofing contributes to sustainability. That is, sheet metal advocates reuse and recycling, minimizing waste. Often times, sheet metal in roofing is made from recycled steel, and at the end of its performance life it can once again be recycled.

You can opt for a sheet metal system coated with reflective material. Along with insulation and proper ventilation, these types of roofs can save your company substantial money in energy costs. There are innovative roof coatings that have reflective surfaces in a wide range of colors. So you can opt for a look that is less than traditional. Sheet metal tiles are produced with stamped on decorative finishes and textures. These commercially available tiles simulate clay tiles as they come in decorative shapes and colors.

If you are in the market for a new roof for your Louisville company, you may want to consider sheet metal roofing. Contact us for further details.