The gutters on your home play a critical role in keeping everything dry, safe and in proper working order. You see, there is a reason your roof is graded, the angle on your roof is there to allow water to slide right off. Your gutters serve as the navigation system that guides the water to a spot safely away from your house. When your gutters become clogged, your drainage system fails to work and water becomes your enemy.

For many years, gutters were all pretty much manufactured the same way. Steel pieces were soldered together using professional machinery, something that the typical homeowner could not replicate at home. When installing the gutters, snap on fasteners were employed to keep pieces of the gutter together. Though installation would prove to be fast, leaking was a common problem.

This proved to be, shall we say, counterproductive. After all, the purpose of gutters, among other reasons, in the first place was to eliminate water from falling on and around the foundation. And of course, these little leaks would eventually lead to major problems. For example, gutter leaks lead to rot on the walls among other unfortunate conditions.

One of the more innovative solutions to gutter leakage, seamless gutters, came about just a few decades ago. Seamless gutters are cut from one long piece of tubing, with no joints, fasteners or other fissures that tend to leak. The one downside to seamless gutters is they are somewhat more difficult to install. That is, they are more than likely too complex for homeowners to install on their own.

But let’s not fret about that. If you are in the market for seamless gutters, your Louisville roofing company holds the skills to have them properly installed. Schedule your appointment today.