Two of the most important parts of your home is the foundation and the roof. These two areas of your home are actually oddly related. Your foundation is obviously what keeps your house supported, it also keeps out the elements. Your roof also protects your home from the elements and other unwanted guests. If your foundation is weak, your entire house can be compromised. And if your roof does not properly funnel water away from your house, you risk damage that will weaken your foundation. The best tool you have in preventing water damage to your foundation is rain gutters.

Rain water splashes on your roof and runs down the slope. It reaches the edge where it is caught in the gutter and channeled to the downspout. From here, it is guided away from your home and foundation. If this design is not in place or not properly functioning, your foundation is at risk. If you see water dripping from your gutters, you need to give us a call.

To ensure your gutters are properly functioning, it is recommended you inspect them during a rain storm to make sure water is being channeled away from your home. It is also critical you make sure your gutters are clear from debris as this will affect water flow. Also, make sure all your downspouts are channeling water at least two feet from your home’s foundation.

It is important to know that modern gutters are seamless and extremely leak resistant. These modern day gutters are not only a very practical choice, they also look great on your house. If you want to upgrade your gutters, trust your top-rated Louisville roofing company.