Gutters, they seem to be the source of some anxiety for you. You might think they are an ugly necessity, while others may find them as an attractive feature of their home. Regardless how you feel about your gutters, they are indeed a critical part of your home. Like your roof, when your gutters are not properly functioning, you need to look into gutter repair.

Without gutters, the people who visit you on rainy days are subject to overflow from your roof. Even a light rain can create a sheet of water that will soak visitors and whoever comes and goes from your home.

That water cascading from your roof will fall to the ground and splash mud onto your home. Without gutters, you will spend time after every rain cleaning the exterior of your home.

Without gutters, you are much more likely to experience wood rot on your soffit and fascia as water will find openings in the paint and caulk. Properly funneled water poses much less of a threat to all parts of your home.

Water falling from a gutterless roof can easily find its way into your basement. Eventually, cracks in the basement walls is something you don’t want to deal with. Also, water falling onto the ground will create holes that lead to ponding. That’s something you don’t want, mud holes in your yard.

Water around your foundation will eventually work its way into your foundation, causing it to settle. Repairs to your foundation is something easily avoided if you maintain your gutters.

If you are experiences problems with your gutters, feel free to give us a call. A repair now will save you money and headaches down the road.