Louisville winters are typically mild compared to many northern states. However, ice storms and snow are not uncommon, and having a roof that is prepared for a harsh Kentucky winter is your best chance at avoiding costly roof repair or replacement in the spring. At HCI Roofing & Construction, we are local to the area and understand what it takes to provide you with a roof that can stand up to snow, wind and ice. Our preventative maintenance for your roof paired with expert roof repair (if needed) will make you confident in your roof for the upcoming season.

Gutter Cleaning And Repair

One of the simplest ways to prevent damage to your home’s structure is ensuring that your gutters are clean and blemish-free. With our quality gutter maintenance, we will clean out your gutters, which could be clogged with leaves and other debris. We also go through the entire system to make sure that your gutters are seamless and efficient.

Roof Inspection

We look for any weak spots in your roof that may need repair, making sure to do a thorough assessment. Cracked, worn, damaged or missing shingles or tiles are all clues to us that you may need roof repairs before the winter comes in full force. In addition, we will check all the roof flashing areas, which are the sections where your roofing meets vents and chimneys. Leaks are common in these areas, and we want to make sure that they are sealed and ready for winter moisture.

Roof Repair

If we do see any problem areas, we take the time to explain exactly which areas are in need of repair, what the consequences are of avoiding repairs and what those repairs will cost. In this way, you are able to make educated decisions about your roofing without the pressure to buy more than you need.

Contact us today to schedule your winter roof repair or inspection!