When considering the installation of a new roof, we know you insist on nothing but the best. We know you mean the best material, the best workmanship and the best possible quality. Well, no need to look any further, at HCI Roofing and Construction we demand no less than the best in everything we do. With literally thousands of roof installations under our collective tools belts,  we have had more than our fair share of honing our skills to perfection.

Bringing dying or dead roofs back to life has breathed beauty back into the neighborhoods of Louisville and the surrounding areas through the stunning looks of fresh shingles and stunning slate. Are you tired of your roof? Go outside and take a look around, if you want to be the envy of the neighbors give us a call and we will give your home a new look through the beauty of a new roof. The process is quick and efficient and goes something like this;

First, the old roof material will be removed, but don’t worry, we do this in phases so no large section is left unprotected. Next come the inspection of the roof deck. we make sure damaged decking is replaced and the proper roof underlayment is installed. We shall then install the shingles, tile or metal with the proper amount and placement of fasteners. We finish up the roofing with wall flashings and ventilations being replaced. It’s not over for us yet. When then use tools like rakes, magnets and blowers to ensure all trash is removed from the premises. Our field supervisor will then do an inspection to ensure the quality of work and cleanup is beyond expectations.

We never request an upfront deposit, payment in full is due only after you have found the job completed to your satisfaction.