We remember back in the day when vinyl flooring was practical, but rather boring looking. Then, somebody in the industry threw out an idea. The manufacturer of vinyl floors decided to reinvent themselves and developed flooring that was decorative and exciting. Like vinyl flooring manufacturers, the manufacturers of metal roofs have gone from functional, but boring, in design to functional and looking fantastic. Today, you can order metal roofing that looks like wood, clay and even stone.

For years, metal roofs looked, well, like metal roofs. A metal roof was something more suited for a barn, shed or a commercial building, but certainly not for your home. Today, metal roofs are available in many architectural styles, including Spanish Colonial and Victorian. Now, that is exciting!

Residential metal roofing is predominantly made from steel, copper or aluminum. Steel sheets are given a metallic coating, this prevents rust. Aluminum sheets are often painted, and copper is left alone as it weathers just fine without corrosion.

Metal roofs can be stamped into a number of shapes and are usually installed as interlocking panels with fasteners that are well-hidden. From a distance, metal roofs look very similar to their shingle and tile counterparts.

The biggest benefit you will enjoy from sheet metal roofing on your Louisville home is its longevity. It is quite common for manufacturers to offers 50 year warranties, if not lifetime warranties, on their products. By avoiding the re-roofing of your home, the initial cost of a metal roof is easily offset. For more benefits enjoyed by homeowners who utilize metal roofs, give us a call.