1. The Benefits Of Seamless Gutters For Your Louisville Home Or Business

    As a Kentucky business or homeowner, you’re likely invested in the long-term quality and protection of your property. The roof is one area that many people do not worry about until serious services are needed. Instead of paying for costly roof repairs, it pays to invest in a quality gutter system that can hold up to the elements and keep your building safe for the long haul. HCI Roofing and Cons…Read More

  2. The Importance Of Owning Optimally Working Gutters

    When it comes to their home, most property owners take great pride in the overall appearance and quality of their castle. However, not every citizen is keen to the importance of keeping their home’s gutters in optimal condition. As a provider of professional gutter repairs in Louisville, HCI Roofing and Construction knows how vital this area is for the safety of your home. Our knowledgeable expe…Read More

  3. Prevent Costly Winter Roof Repairs

    Louisville winters are typically mild compared to many northern states. However, ice storms and snow are not uncommon, and having a roof that is prepared for a harsh Kentucky winter is your best chance at avoiding costly roof repair or replacement in the spring. At HCI Roofing & Construction, we are local to the area and understand what it takes to provide you with a roof that can stand up to …Read More

  4. Winter Roofing Repair

    Accidents occur year-around. There is no way to plan for them, and no way to avoid them. Think about what would happen if your neighbors tree finally fell over and landed right on your roof. Ice and hail storms can also wreak havoc on your roof. A roofing accident during the winter can seem like a horrible tragedy. Thankfully you have a roofing and gutter repair company near you that is willing to…Read More

  5. Should You Discover Damage Upon Your Roof Inspection, Don’t Hesitate to Call Your Louisville Roofing Contractor

    With winter approaching quite quickly, homeowners, not unlike yourself, are left scrambling in attempts to discover ways in which they can prepare their roof for the cold season. Take a deep breath, there are a number of ways you can make sure your roof is able to withstand the wear and tear of a drawn-out winter. And just so you know, it is those harsh winter months that your roof is most likely …Read More

  6. Like Your Roof, When Your Gutters are not Properly Functioning, You Need to Look into Gutter Repair

    Gutters, they seem to be the source of some anxiety for you. You might think they are an ugly necessity, while others may find them as an attractive feature of their home. Regardless how you feel about your gutters, they are indeed a critical part of your home. Like your roof, when your gutters are not properly functioning, you need to look into gutter repair. Without gutters, the people who visit…Read More

  7. The Biggest Benefit You Will Enjoy from Sheet Metal Roofing on Your Louisville Home is its Longevity

    We remember back in the day when vinyl flooring was practical, but rather boring looking. Then, somebody in the industry threw out an idea. The manufacturer of vinyl floors decided to reinvent themselves and developed flooring that was decorative and exciting. Like vinyl flooring manufacturers, the manufacturers of metal roofs have gone from functional, but boring, in design to functional and look…Read More

  8. If You are in the Market for Seamless Gutters, Your Louisville Roofing Company Holds the Skills to have them Properly Installed

    The gutters on your home play a critical role in keeping everything dry, safe and in proper working order. You see, there is a reason your roof is graded, the angle on your roof is there to allow water to slide right off. Your gutters serve as the navigation system that guides the water to a spot safely away from your house. When your gutters become clogged, your drainage system fails to work and …Read More

  9. If You are in the Market for a New Roof for Your Louisville Company, You May Want to Consider Sheet Metal Roofing

    Tighter budgets have business managers and owners seeking roofing systems that require fewer repairs and is expected to last longer, thus extending the period between replacements. Indeed, this is just one reason you may want to consider a metal roof. Read further to learn more about metal roofs and why they might serve your roofing needs. Your basic galvanized sheet metal is proven to last more t…Read More

  10. If You Want to Upgrade Your Gutters, Trust Your Top-Rated Louisville Roofing Company

    Two of the most important parts of your home is the foundation and the roof. These two areas of your home are actually oddly related. Your foundation is obviously what keeps your house supported, it also keeps out the elements. Your roof also protects your home from the elements and other unwanted guests. If your foundation is weak, your entire house can be compromised. And if your roof does not p…Read More