house with snow on the roof

Fall is finally here, and before we know it, the snow will be falling onto the ground and on our roofs! Take steps today that will keep your roof safe and secure throughout the long cold months, so you can stay warm inside with a comforting mug of hot chocolate.

At HCI Roofing & Construction, we want you to feel confident in your Louisville home at all times. Since 1998, our crews have pursued perfection in every single job, no matter the size. Keep your investments secure this winter, and give us a call!

Keep it Clean

If it’s not roofing material, it doesn’t belong on your roof! Periodically removing any branches, debris, or spare equipment from your roof will help to keep your roof free of leaks and failures throughout the winter months. While you’re up there, be sure to clear out your gutters! Allowing rain waters and gunk to stick around can cause mold and damp to seep into your roof.

Evaluate the Surroundings

In many residential areas, you will have trees that hang over roofs. With added weight from the snow, it can cause branches to break off and fall onto your home. This can cause damage from the initial fall if it is a long drop, or damage in the future if the branches are allowed to stay on the roof for too long. You may also live near power lines, and these cause similar threats, although they can be more dangerous! When power lines break due to freezing or snow weight, they can fall near homes or businesses and cause serious harm to the buildings as well as the residents nearby.

If you live near other houses, or you own a business located near other buildings, then there is a potential for snow to drift from adjacent roofs to yours. In the event of heavy snowfall or large drifts forming on your roof, it is a good idea to try and knock some of the snow off so that you avoid unnecessary weight or ice on top of your house.

Check Your Attic

When you’re examining your roof before the winter, be sure to look around the attic. Look to make sure your insulation is evenly distributed throughout the space to keep your home evenly heated in the cold. Heat escaping from your roof can lead to higher energy bills, as well as create ice dams in the shingles of your roof. Ice dams form when snow repeatedly melts and freezes in the same areas, and it can cause serious damage to the roofing.

Call a Professional in Louisville

Make sure that your roof is in good hands! Give HCI Roofing & Construction a call this fall, and we will come to your home or business and make sure your roof is in perfect condition to last throughout the winter. If we do find an issue, or you have already noticed leaks or damage, our experienced Louisville-based team will work with you to find the best solution so you are able to have a warm and enjoyable winter!