We’re gearing up for the rainy season, and you should be, too. Having a roof that you know you can count on, before the rain starts falling, is your best chance for ensuring that your home is well-protected and that you won’t have enormous repair costs for water damage down the road. That is why our Louisville roofing experts have compiled a list of the top signs you may need a new roof.

Start Inside Your Home

To know if your roof is holding up to the Kentucky weather, the first place you need to look is inside your home, particularly in your attic.

1 – Sagging Roof Deck

A sagging roof deck not only places serious stress on your home’s supporting beams, threatening the very structure of your home, but it is also a sign that the integrity of your roof is at stake. Look for areas where your roof is sagging between the trusses, or where any beams seem to be bowed.

2 – You Can See The Light

If you are standing in your attic and can see daylight through your roof, you have a leak. Water can penetrate anywhere light can get through.

3 – Water Damage

Water damage can appear in a variety of ways, but you will most likely notice it on your ceiling, where little (or large) coffee-colored spots have begun to appear or grow. In addition to this, you may notice a musty or moldy smell in your attic, bowed beams, signs of rot such as dark spots, and any moisture.

These are just three of the ways you know you need to call our roofing experts at HCI Roofing & Construction. Stay tuned next time to learn the outside signs you may need a new roof.