roofKentucky is no stranger to severe weather! In the winter of 1993, we experienced snow storms that blanketed parts of Kentucky with more than two feet of snow. In 2008, we experienced an outbreak of tornados that claimed four lives. And in 2009, we experienced an ice storm that would take out the power to more than 600,000 homes and businesses. After all of these events, there were a lot of Louisville roofing companies busy with repairs.

Why You Should Inspect Your Roof After a Storm

Identifying damage to your roof as early as possible is the primary goal of a post-storm inspection. If you assume everything is fine, you could be leaving your property vulnerable to more extensive damage in the future. Small issues with your roof can become major leaks, space for pest infestations, and even create structural damage to your property later on. When you get those repairs done early, you’ll head off expensive repairs later on.

How to Safely Inspect Your Roof

The first step to a safe roof inspection is to get a little distance from your home so you can get a full view of the roof. Head across the street or even down the block a little ways so you can see more of your roof. Then, simply do a visual scan of your roof line. If you have binoculars, they can be especially useful when visually inspecting your roof because you’ll be able to see more detail. Look for signs of damage such as disturbed or missing shingles, cracks in the flashing, or holes along the roof line. If you spot any of these issues, contact our Louisville roofing team right away. We don’t recommend getting on your roof yourself unless you have the right safety equipment and training to keep you safe!

Contact Our Louisville Roofing Team for Repairs Today

Trust your gut when it comes to your roof! If you have reason to believe your roof has recently been damaged in a storm (signs of damage, debris on the roof, something fell on it) then give us a call. It’s much cheaper to have a roofing inspection than it is to pay for extensive damage later on! Put your mind at ease and let our team take a look. If we find a problem, we’ll let you know what needs to happen to get it fixed and can do it for you right away. Fill out the form below to contact our Louisville roofers today!