Picking a roof color is not always easy. Whether metal, slate, or asphalt shingles there are a lot of choices. For each color choice available, there is a multitude of shades and color combinations.Your Louisville Roofing provider can help you with a few tips to consider.

  • Dark Vs. Light Roof Colors

    • The advice here is to pick a color you like since you will have to live with it for a very long time.

  • Pick A Color Based On The Color Of Your Brick

    • When choosing a roofing color, remember that paint colors and shutters can be changed, but bricks are permanent. Start by comparing samples to the bricks then move to siding and paint colors.

  • Compare Exterior Colors

    • If you are planning to make a change to the color of the outside of your home, compare the new paint color to the shingles or roofing samples. Go to your local hardware store with a board painted the new color and put it next to the shingles.

  • Complementary Choices Add Dimension

    • Some of the worst roof color mistakes are when a homeowner chooses a hue that almost matches the exterior and brick perfectly. It winds up being monotone, boring, lifeless color scheme. Always try to complement your colors rather than matching them

  • Tone Down Your Exterior

    • If the rest of the home is busy, you will want to choose toned down shingles. Too many patterns and colors overwhelm the eyes. However, if your home has a monotone feel to it, a vivid color can add curb appeal.

 If you don’t feel qualified to choose the right shingles for your home, don’t have the desire, or the time our experts are happy to help.