Winter is coming and that means cooler temperatures and rain. Even the light to moderate rain that happens in Louisville can wreak havoc on your home if your roof needs repairs. Especially during the cold weather, if there is a small space where water can sneak through the roofing materials, when it freezes, it can expand that space and create a larger leak. Water damage can occur as the unsuspecting homeowner goes about each day.

As a homeowner, you can check your attic after large storms to see if there are signs of moisture that have come through the roofing material into your home. Catching leaks and having a roof repair specialist fix them immediately will save up to thousands of dollars in damages and mitigation if mold develops. Mold can spread throughout the structure of a home without being detected. If the issue grows, the mold can spread to the living space and vents where it will spread like wildfire.

Having mold in the home can affect the health of those living there. Depending on the type of mold growing and the severity, it can trigger allergic reactions, but it can also create worse health issues. With mold, professional mitigation will be necessary to eradicate the  spores from the home.

To avoid roof leaks and mold growth in your home, check your attic after large storms, but also check it periodically throughout the year to look for moisture. Also, have a roofing contractor come and inspect your roof regularly and after large storms. HCI Roofing and Construction can save you money and headaches. Call for a roof inspection or roof repairs for your Louisville, KY home before winter hits.