preferredcontractorWhen it’s time to install a roof, nothing less than the best will do. The best materials, the best workmanship, the best customer service: That’s what you get from HCI Roofing and Construction. Since 1998, HCI has pursued perfection in the combined art and science of roofing repair and installation. With thousands of roofs installed, we have a lot of practice bringing to life the vision of a perfect new roof for property owners in the Louisville Metro area. Our roofing contractors will install a beautiful new roof or repair a leaky, weather-damaged roof so that you can sleep soundly knowing that your home is protected.

When we install a roof, we bring an unmatched combination of expertise and experience. Our roofing company offers top-of-the-line roofing products for every budget and style of home. From the moment you decide on the style and design of your new roof, everything done by the roof replacement experts at HCI is with your convenience and satisfaction in mind. The day before a project begins, roofing materials are delivered. On the morning your project starts, our roofers meet to go over the plan and to coordinate colors and materials with the job order. From there, the roof replacement process moves along quickly and efficiently:

  • Old roof material removed – Done in phases, so that no large section is unprotected
  • Roof deck inspected – Damaged decking replaced, proper roof underlayment installed
  • Shingles, tile or metal installed – Always with proper amount and placement of fasteners
  • Roof penetrations replaced and sealed – Sealant and paint applied where needed
  • Wall flashings, ventilation replaced – These are enhanced and improved to comply with job proposal
  • Cleanup – Magnets, rakes and blowers used; trash container is removed
  • Inspection – Field supervisor ensures quality of work and cleanup are beyond expectations

HCI Roofing & Construction never requests an upfront deposit for your roofing repair or installation. Rather, payment in full is due upon satisfactory completion of your roofing project. Contact us online or fill out the form below today to get started. You can also browse Owens Corning shingles here to see some of your many options.