Sheet metal roofing in Louisville is becoming more and more popular. Sheet metal roofing materials last upwards of 40 years, are eco-friendly, save you money on your homeowners insurance, and energy bills. Unlike other types of roofing materials, metal roofs are fireproof. Residents of Louisville, Kentucky deal with many different weather patterns and sheet metal roofing can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

All sheet metals roofing materials are not created equal. There are three different style of sheet metal roofs. Vertical seam panels are long in length and create a raised seams. Many ski-country cabins have vertical seam panel metal roofs. Well constructed vertical seam roofing systems will leave no trace of seams and will protect against all types of weather.

Modular pre-painted press-formed panels are becoming more popular outside of ski-country. These are constructed into panels that are painted to resemble wood, shake, slate, or composite shingles. The panels interlock on all sides. This amazing design will cut down on roof damage from wind and thunderstorms. Your home will be able to match the rest of the neighborhood while still reaping the benefits of a metal roof.

Granular coated modular press-formed metal roofs are once again designed with metal panels. The panels are coated with acrylic and stone granules. They can be formed into shake, tile, or shingle shapes to match the existing style of a home. Once again these panels will be attached with hidden fasteners.

HCi Roofing offers most sheet metal roofing options. We serve the greater Louisville, KY area and look forward to giving you the perfect roof.