1. How To Take Care of a Leaky Roof

    Your roof is supposed to protect you and your family from the elements, but it needs to be cared for just like anything else. Unfortunately, older roofs can start leaking over time. Sometimes even newer roofs can take damage due to extreme weather and start leaking! In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the best course of action to take when you notice a leak in your Louisville home’s roof. …Read More

  2. 4 Tips to Prepare Your Roof for Winter

    Fall is finally here, and before we know it, the snow will be falling onto the ground and on our roofs! Take steps today that will keep your roof safe and secure throughout the long cold months, so you can stay warm inside with a comforting mug of hot chocolate. At HCI Roofing & Construction, we want you to feel confident in your Louisville home at all times. Since 1998, our crews have pursue…Read More

  3. Considering New Roofing In The Louisville Area In 2019? HCI Can Help!

    It’s already the new year, and before you know it, 2020 will be upon us. While the time can seem to fly for many residents across Kentucky, it’s important to remember that your roof system does not forget the changing of the seasons and the panoply of wear and tear sustained from heavy winds, rain, and snow. If you’ve noticed that the roof that protects your home or business is looking aged …Read More

  4. Fall Is The Perfect Time For Roofing Repairs Across Kentucky

    As a Kentucky homeowner, you’ve likely been concerned about the condition of your roof. Recent deluges of rain and unexpected hail have damaged homes in Boulder, Lafayette, Louisville, and beyond, impacting the roof’s ability to keep temperatures in while keeping moisture out. As Louisville’s roofing experts, HCI Roofing and Construction is dedicated to providing the very best outcome for ea…Read More

  5. The Pros And Cons Of EPDM Roofing With Your Louisville Roofing Experts Part 2

    As a business or homeowner, you are likely aware of the condition of your structure. Daily inspections may help to keep you abreast of all of the concerns of elements such as your roof, but over time, these systems can become worn down and less effective at keeping the home protected. If you are in need of roofing installation services and your roof has relatively flat slopes, it’s important to …Read More

  6. The Pros And Cons Of EPDM Roofing With Your Louisville Roofing Experts Part 1

    When it comes time to replace their old, outdated roofing system, many homeowners face a plethora of material choices to protect their home for the years to come. Each style provides its own unique blend of positives, negatives, and total costs. Based on your house’s style and needs, you can find the perfect material for long-term protection. If your Kentucky roof is looking worse for the wear, …Read More

  7. Winter Maintenance Tips From Our Louisville Roofing Contractors

    As everyone adjusts to Daylight Savings Time, many residents are looking forward to the wintertime activities. From the holiday festivities to increased snowfall, residents in need of roof repairs in Louisville are looking at the snow as more of a risk factor than anything else. It’s important to take proper care of your roof system, and the freezing season represents a time of concern and dilig…Read More

  8. The Benefits Of Hiring A Quality Louisville Roofing Contractor For Repairs

    While our Kentucky seasons are not the most extreme in the USA, they sometimes exhibit some fairly extreme weather conditions. From wind and rain to hail and more, external conditions can have a major impact on your home’s roof. While roofing repairs are a common service across our nation, the complexity and skills needed to safely and correctly make repairs means that this task is usually one b…Read More

  9. Assessing Hail Damages Done To Your Roof Part 2

    Kentucky summers have been known to get a little rambunctious from time to time. While this statement may not seem like a big deal, the consequences of bad weather can create major headaches for homeowners everywhere. HCI Roofing and Construction is proud to be a quality provider of roof repairs to Louisville homes, serving with quality, honesty, and pride in order to deliver you the best results …Read More

  10. Assessing Hail Damages Done To Your Roof Part 1

    As the spring season matures into 2017, the likelihood of damaging hailstorms is on the rise. Even if you do everything right, extensive hail damage can equate to costly roofing repairs. When disaster strikes, it’s important to locate and hire a top-notch roofing company for assistance. HCI Roofing and Construction is your source for the best roof repair in Louisville, providing quality services…Read More